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The Facilit8™ tree is the symbol of the connectedness of human beings, whatever their background, culture, hopes and ambitions.
Conflict, disputes and differences of opinion are part of our nature. Many are successfully reconciled every day. Many are not. Many more could be.

Who's Who?

Amanda Bucklow

[Amanda Bucklow]

Amanda is, first and foremost, an extremely experienced commercial mediator having practised full-time for nearly 25 years.

In 1990, Amanda launched her communications business specialising in troubleshooting failed contracts and business relationships. She worked with a wide range of companies from global brands in chemicals, polymers, engineering and aviation to local family businesses and aspiring artists. Combining business acumen, creativity and a talent for spotting an opportunity, she developed a reputation for being able to repair, reshape and develop key business relationships. The desire to professionalise those skills lead to the discovery of the term 'mediation' to describe what she had been practising all her working life.

Amanda remains the original "career mediator". She has experience of mediating over 1000 disputes. The breadth and depth of her experience in mediating all kinds of disputes, within their relevant legal and commercial context, means that she is well prepared for any eventuality and any mix of issues.

Her personal style combines strong people skills, intellect and insight with a comprehensive understanding of the legal, commercial and people issues. She is both supportive and challenging in whatever mix is most likely to provide the best possible chance of an interests-based settlement.

As an educator and mentor, Amanda is an accomplished both in foundation mediation skills and advanced mediation skills, leadership and change management. She has taught internationally and promotes an integrated approach to international teaching to help build awareness and support for high standards of practice in other jurisdictions. This means working with the local team to support them in preparing the ground for growing the business of mediation for the benefit of newly accredited mediators.

Adult teaching is in itself a specialist skill set. The challenge of teaching a varied group of adults from diverse cultures, age groups and professional backgrounds is one learned and refined over many years of committed study and practical experience.

The training programmes offered by Facilit8 are based on Amanda's unique research in the field (The Skills, Attributes, Strengths and Approaches of Effective Commercial Mediators. 2003 - 2006) and her experience of designing and implementing other approved professional competencies. Since the late 90's, Amanda has integrated emerging psychological research around decision making, negotiation and behavioural change and has been continuously developing interventions to support high performance and enduring skill sets.

Amanda is the architect and producer of e-Mediate® Advanced Dispute Resolution Online Training. In this unique online dispute resolution training and assessment programme she brings together experience broad and deep of course design, classroom teaching, in-depth knowledge of building online communities and use of technology to deliver learning outcomes. The purpose is to support excellence in mediators and encourage understanding of mediation and the special skill set to a wider audience at an affordable price.


  • Aviation / Rail / Shipping
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Commodities / Financial services
  • Energy
  • Automotive and Engineering
  • Education (secondary / tertiary)
  • Media / Arts / Publishing
  • Manufacturing / Retail
  • Fashion

Areas of Law and Specialist Knowledge

  • Commercial contracts (including sale of goods)
  • Partnership disputes (Professional Services, owner managed and family business)
  • Employment (inc Public Disclosure Act)
  • Professional Negligence
  • Clinical negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures
  • Restructuring

Charles Middleton-Smith

Charles Middleton-Smith

Charles Middleton-Smith is a leading mediator practising in the UK and internationally who also has the gift for teaching and mentoring. During his long and successful career as a lawyer and partner in leading international law firm, Hammonds LLP in London (now Squire Sanders), Charles has taught and mentored countless young lawyers.

Over the last decade he has developed a unique role as ADR consultant with Squire Sanders, advising colleagues across the globe in the appropriate use of mediation and offering guidance on the 'right mediator'. His 'education and leadership' role within the firm has resulted in a number of awards and nominations for the firm as promoters and pioneers in the use of mediation.

From 1 November 2013, Charles will divide his time equally between his mediation practice and his highly successful training partnership with Amanda.

As a mediator, Charles describes his style as prioritising the commercial aspects, the future and reality, momentum, humour, courtesy and flexibility. These are illustrated throughout his teaching, to the delight of students around the world and reflected in consistently good feedback in the legal directories. 

He is much sought after for his particular expertise in the areas of arts, media and sport. As a lawyer, Charles has represented some of the best known musicians, auction houses, advertising giants and publishers during his time as a litigator he has since successfully mediated many cases and has something of a niche practice in those sectors.

In addition to his experience in cases around fine art and music, Charles also specialises in cases involving Commercial Agents Regulations, again a highly specialised area involving international law, and Trademark, Copyright and Defamation.


  • Media / Advertising
  • Film / Performing Arts
  • Sport
  • Fine Art / Auction Houses / Valuation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Areas of Law and Specialist Knowledge

  • Commercial contracts (including sale of goods)
  • Commercial Agents Regulations (1993)
  • Trademark / Copyright / Defamation
  • Partnership disputes (Professional Services)
  • Professional Negligence
  • Inheritance / Probate
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures
  • Restructuring and Deal Making
  • Sale of Business

Irving Rappaport

Irving's interest in dispute resolution began in 1994 when he was hired to run the 10,000 acre Lee Valley Park, manage its natural resources, devise land management strategies, reclaim the Park's derelict industrial land back to countryside, and prevent and resolve intractable disputes between the Park and adjoining boroughs.

As a result, with funding from the Joseph Rowntree Trust, he founded UK Citizens' Online Democracy, a non-partisan internet organisation promoting public participation in the democratic process which was personally endorsed by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. At the request of the Cabinet Office he organised a historic online consultation on the Freedom of Information Bill, the first time that the general public had directly participated in the drafting of a new law. Other consultation projects were completed for the European Parliament and various local authorities.

Since 2000 he has mediated commercial, community, workplace, and family relationship disputes. He co-founded the All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues (described by a government minister as 'one of the most important groups in Parliament') which informs parliamentarians, diplomats, businesses, NGOs and government officials about the prevention and resolution of violent conflict around the world.

Irving has trained many lawyers and business people in mediation skills. He is the co-author of the e-Mediate® Advanced Dispute Resolution Online Training. His wealth of high level business and government experience creates a depth of credibility about the implementation of mediation in the commercial world.

Originally trained in Medicine and Oral Surgery, Irving spent seven years in general practice. He subsequently entered the film business as an independent producer of documentary films including Almonds and Raisins for Channel Four (narrated by Orson Welles, written by Oscar winner Wolf Mankowitz), The Miracle of Intervale Avenue for the BBC (American Film Institute award for Best Documentary), and Will Apples Grow on Mars? for ITV.

In 1980, his company also distributed the world's first video album, Blondie's 'Eat to the Beat'.

In 1982, he co-founded Palace Pictures which soon became the most successful UK film company of that decade, producing and distributing films such as The Company of Wolves and Mona Lisa (winning Bob Hoskins an Oscar nomination for Best Actor). He was also responsible for marketing and distributing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video which broke world sales records. In 1984, the company won the British Film Institute award for Innovation and he was later appointed managing director of Virgin Film and Video, releasing a wide range of feature film, music, sport and educational titles.

He has co-produced several West End shows including The Seven Year Itch starring Darryl Hannah, Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell starring Peter O'Toole, and Jesus My Boy starring Tom Conti. His most recent success was Hit Me! The Life and Rhymes of Ian Dury which also toured the UK.

He is currently a member of the team building two powerful and extraordinary sculptures commissioned by St. Paul's cathedral to commemorate the First World War. They will be unveiled on Palm Sunday, April 13 2014.

So, you want to be a mediator?

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Prometheus is a not-for-profit organisation set up by the Athens Bar Association (DSA) and the Athens Chamber (BEA) to provide foundation and advanced mediation training for Greek lawyers and business leaders. Prometheus is currently the largest licensed mediation training centres in Greece. Since 2008, Facilit8 have an established track record for the successful education and accreditation of commercial mediators in Greece.