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Partial Mosaic from Agios Giorgos, Thessaloniki
Mosaic from the Rotunda (Agios Giorgos), Thessaloniki, Greece

About this site

A note about the site design from Amanda Bucklow:

"The images used throughout this site are an important part of the personality of the site and the company. As a communications company we should know something about the different communications styles that people use and as a training company we understand something about the way people learn.

I often describe conflict in business as a mosaic with some pieces missing. Conflict is, at least in part, the result of misunderstanding and differences in personal communication styles. Our role as mediators is to reconstruct the understanding to conserve or enhance what has been useful and help people move on. It is also about helping people accept ambiguity and uncertainty as part of the process of doing business.

The theme of this site is inspired by my love of mosaics, particularly the wonderful mosaics of the Mediterranean, and the work of Dr Susan E Bellinger. Dr Bellinger developed a system called Psycho-Geometrics which identifies different communication styles as square, rectangle, triangle, circle and squiggle. It is a system of understanding communication styles which has been the subject of workshops and training in law firms and major corporations world wide. In fact, I think I first heard about it from my training partner, Charles Middleton-Smith.

So instead of the usual 'people shaking hands' the site uses the metaphors of mosaic and geometric shapes to represent the way 'the pieces come together'.

Some of the images are by a Greek artist, Charis Tsevis, who has perfectly expressed what was in my head and who was possibly inspired by the same mosaics I love so much. Facilit8 also has strong relationship with Greece: we have trained nearly 80 commercial mediators and you will find the stories from two of those students on this site.

The image of the bookshelf on the home page was inspired by a bookshelf designed by Frederik Roije called Storylines. This version is completely redrawn from scratch and rendered in 3D. For the shape, I recorded the sound of 'facilit8' and then redrew the bookshelf to faithfully represent the audio signal."

Each image has a description. Just roll over the bottom of the image to read it.

Picture Credits: Used under Creative Commons Licence
Audits page: Quo Vadis? by Charis Tsevis.
Products page: Amazing Circle by Charis Tsevis.
Training page: Kevin Mitnick: Ghost in the Wires by Charis Tsevis.
Services page and flipbooks: the brushwork illustrations are taken from illustrations by Klaus Holiska. They are used by kind permission of AG Mueller, CH-8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland.
Facilit8. FACILIT8 is the registered trade mark of Facilit8 Communications Limited.
All other illustrations, included adjusted images and media (unless otherwise stated) are Copyright 2000 - 2011 Amanda Bucklow. All Rights Reserved.

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