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The Facilit8 tree symbolises the connectedness of human beings, whatever their background, culture, hopes and ambitions.
Conflict, disputes and differences of opinion are part of our nature. Many are successfully reconciled every day. Many are not. Many more could be.


"Forget about PowerPoint and statistics. To involve people at the deepest level you need stories." — Bronwyn Fryer, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review, June 2003

Crafting 'stories' is a core skill for business leaders, negotiators and mediators. When it comes to conflict and disputes, until people have had an opportunity to tell it how 'it is' for them, they will not be able to think creatively or move on to something more helpful. 

Stories are the way in which humans have communicated core values and wisdom for millennia. Improvisation is part of storytelling is a wonderful skill for mediators and business leaders alike. Responding in the moment, within the context can shift the tone of a meeting, difficult conversation and full blown dispute. It is a skill that allows you to say what you mean without being confrontational. You create curiosity, generate questions and then an invitation for your message.

Ask us how we would deal with a theme that is of concern to you and your organisation.

Our training portfolio includes courses designed to enhance communication skills which give the participants something of value for both their professional and personal lives.

We love people who can tell a good story! Understanding what makes a good story and having a storehouse of elements that can be woven together is a skill that many admire and respond to. It is a skill that can be learned.

For our courses, we work with inspired practitioners from a variety of artistic backgrounds: Opera, film, theatre, classical music, photography and they all share a deep commitment to communication which supports people in bringing their best to their work and their lives.

Here you can read some of the stories of past students:

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